1399334_10151986677950622_1531252194_oWe’re Tim and Anna. We’re that annoying couple that works together, has most of the same days off and still think we could spend more time together. We’re best friends. We share our time together with a handsome and hilarious little monster named Joey. He’s the best parts of both of us and actually does get cuter every day.

We love working together but think there may be something more we could be doing, we just haven’t figured it out yet. So here we are, trying to make it work! Keep in mind we’re going from flip phone to blogger status- so we’re not as hip as everyone else. Which may be a good thing. We say stupid things and sometimes burn our food. We’re real people- not a fake, photoshopped persona with perfect pictures of our family sitting quietly. We’re loud, funny and weird.

*If you’re thinking about starting a website, consider WordPress. It’s very easy and they have a lot of tools to help you out! I love it! If you’re interested Click here to sign up!





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