10 Great Kids Books

Books are always a great gift. Wether it’s for a baby shower, birthday or holiday. There’s a book for every occasion.

As a parent it’s important to instill a healthy appetite for reading, even at a young age. Reading helps children develop their cognitive and problem solving skills, creativity, memorization and even builds a child’s self confidence. It is never too early to begin reading to your child. I started reading to my son while he was in my womb. I’m sure he will never remember, but I always will. I loved laying on the couch, rubbing my belly and feeling him kick as I read him my favorite stories.  Here’s a short list of some of our family’s favorites.

The Wonderful Things You Will Be by: Emily Winfield Martin

I read this story to my son at least three days a week. This has become one of our favorites to read together. The message is about how kids can grow up to be whatever they can dream and do and that no matter what you’ll love them. Perfect message and great pictures for the kids.

Tails by: Matthew Van Fleet

This is such a fun book for kids. There’s interactive pages where they can make animal tails move and feel what the tails are like. Our son loves it so much it’s falling apart from pulling on the tails!

Hand, Hand, Fingers, Thumb by: Al Perkins

My husband almost hates this book because we’ve read it so much to Joey. But it’s a quick, cute book that you can drum along to. I have the entire book memorized so when Joey is flipping through the book I don’t miss a beat.

Poke-a-Dot by: Melissa and Doug

They have a lot of different stories available in the Poke-a-Dot theme. It’s fun for kids to engage them in the book and keeps them entertained in a more interactive way. It also helps with counting!

Peek-A-Boo Farm by: Sarah Pitt

One of my favorite peek-a-boo themed books to read to Joey. It’s quick, cute and the flaps are easy for the kids to open at a young age.

On the Night You Were Born by: Nancy Tillman

My grandmother has bought this book for every great-grandchild she’s had and writes a message to each one in it. I absolutely love this book. The story is adorable and the illustrations are beautiful.

The Sweet Smell of Christmas by: Patricia M. Scarry

This is a book my husband use to have as a kid and his mom bought one for our son. We only have it out during Christmas and Joey loves reading it. I guess I should say he loves smelling it. It took a while after reading this for him to realize not all books are scratch and sniff! Sometimes I still catch him sniffing textured pages on other books! Haha.

It’s Time to Sleep My Love by: Nancy Tillman

I had a hard time not filling this entire list with all of Tillman’s books. The illustrations and stories in all her books are so fun and creative. You can read them in a sign-song tune and breeze through the pages. My son typically wants these read at least twice before bed, because once isn’t enough.

Goodnight Moon by: Margaret Wise Brown

A very cute, quick children’s book. It’s such a popular book that I think I received 2 or 3 as gifts when I was pregnant!

365 Bedtime Stories by: Christine Allison

My parents gave me this book as a child and read it to me so many times. I found my copy and enjoy reading some of the stories to Joey at night. The stories are short enough that you can even do a couple before bed.


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