5 Healthy and Easy Sandwiches for Toddlers

In a perfect world, moms have tons of time for prepping meals for their kids, manage to do all the laundry and five other things on their “to do” list. Having some easy go-to meals is essential to still keep yourself feeling a bit sane while managing the rest of your life. I love these sandwiches because I can prep them in advance and make extra for a few days so I have more time to spend with Joey and my husband.

Avocado Cream Cheese

Mix together 4 oz softened cream cheese and 1 avocado (easiest with a hand mixer). Put the seed in the mix and refrigerate up to 3 days. Great with toast, crackers, as a sandwich or just with a spoon! By far one of Joey’s favs.

PB & Banana

Toddlers are great at tearing apart sandwiches piece by piece so I like to mix my ingredients together (again with my hand mixer). I tell myself he’s less likely to do it this way.

Raspberry Cream Cheese

You can use fresh raspberries or preserves. Both are great!

PB & Pear

I thinly slice the pear and put a thing layer of PB on both sides of the bread.

Nutella & Applesauce

This one if definitely more of a treat. Nutella is so good! Joey goes nuts for anything even remotely chocolate.



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