Dry Your Own Herbs

Nothing tastes as great as freshly picked herbs. But sadly, living in the Midwest means seasonal weather changes are a real thing. So you can’t always get the best, fresh (local) ingredients. Or if you can, you may not want to break the bank just because your garden is hibernating. Instead, try this super easy way to dry your herbs at home to save them for those cold months! They taste even better than store bought because you know where they came from- your own garden! 

The technique I used has been the easiest for me- I like to use the bags to protect from any dander, dirt or dust that may be around where you’re drying. And the close hangers help hanging them almost anywhere extremely easy!

What you’ll need:

  • Cotton string/butchers twine (or improvise: I used cheese cloth I cut into long pieces because I was out of everything else!)
  • Herbs
  • Small brown paper bags
  • Close hangers
  • Scissors

Depending on what our drying will determine how large or small of a bunch of herbs you’ll tie together. For the rosemary I tied one sprig in the middle and another on the end. For the thyme I bunched a few sprigs together (about 3-4) and hung them from the end of the string.

Once the sprigs are all tied, you’re ready to cut a few holes in your bag on the sides….


Then you’ll cut 4 slits on top of the bag and push the strings (the side without herbs tied!) out the top holes. Once all bags and strings are together you’ll tie the strings to the close hangers. (You can put up to two bags per close hanger!)

Hang your herbs in a dry, cool place. I used my clothes drying rack in my basement, you could use a closet or a cupboard as well.

Let them sit for 5-7 days or until dry! Then remove leaves from the stems (chop herbs if you’d like) and put them into airtight containers for later use! 🙂




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