How To: Keep Your Plants Hydrated All Day

This summer has been so hot and dry that my plants have needed more attention from me than normal. And sometimes when it’s just so hot, you really struggle to keep your plants looking healthy and hydrated when you have a full schedule. The best and easiest trick is to put a wine bottle (cleaned and filled with water) wedged carefully near the roots of your plants immediately after you water them. Depending on if your plant is potted or in the ground, you may need to replace this bottle every 1-3 days.

I did this and after just 1 week I saw a noticeable difference! This is a new Hydrangea plant I bought this year, so I was worried if I did not do something to save it I would have even more trouble when it came back next year.


I almost felt guilty with how easy this fix was! Why didn’t I do this earlier?! No more dead leaves and sad flowers!


Plus the added bonus: The more plants you have, the more empty wine bottles you need! And that’s the fun part! 🙂


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