True Life: I’m Addicted to Contact Paper

Anyone who has ever been in my home and looked through any cupboards, closets or on any flat area where quite possibly anything could go- has realized I have a strong addiction to using contact paper. I love the funky old designs, the newer modern ones and even just plain colors! I will always swear by contact paper and love to jazz up little things around the house with it. This was my latest project that took me just a little more than a half an hour.  No one ever said projects had to be a time-consuming, in-depth ordeal. Because quite frankly, who always has time for that? 


I wanted to keep the antique look to this small bookshelf because I have had it for years and think the worn-white look is charming. So instead of painting, I opted for a quick once over with a small grain sand paper. I focused extra attention on the edges to enhance the antique look a little more. Next, I wiped it down with a wet cloth. Then I measured the contact paper using a tape measurer, straight edge and a pencil and simply cut and applied it to the shelves. For the final touch I used a damp cloth and some furniture polish to do one final wipe of the entire bookshelf (excluding the papered areas).


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