The Real Fashion Secret

Ever see that older person at the mall wearing a ridiculous outfit? You and your friends snicker and laugh about how “old people” dress or have that moment of wondering “When will I just give up and dress like an old person?”. There is a secret that old man in the velcro shoes, uniform grey sweat suite, wind blown unkept hair and fanny pack knows that everyone else is still learning.

We are told through every media outlet that we should be ourselves, that we are beautiful, that we are individuals, that we need to express ourselves and accept all others! Yet these nuggets of truth certainly do not exist in the world of fashion, fitness and beauty. This line of reasoning suggests that we are all ugly, worn out, boring and in need of something. That something is new clothes, designer sunglasses, $200 sneakers, $1,000 purses, etc. Why are we simultaneously being told that we are all precious flowers, unique in every way AND that we all need to conform to societal norms of dressing and looking fabulous? I will tell you it is because insecurity creates consumers.

The secret that the old man at the mall knows that we have all simply not learned yet is that clothes, hair, shoes and what we dress like is literally the least important thing about us. The difference between $200 jeans and $2 jeans is simply other people’s opinion about them. The faster we all realize that clothes are just the wrapping paper and that we the people underneath them are what is important, beautiful and worth investing in. So embrace your dorky side, wear what you like and remember what you are spending money on today will be tomorrows rags and throw aways.


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