Timmy Want Wingy


Everyone remembers the infamous scene in Tommy Boy where Chris Farley starts acting ridiculous because all he wants is wings, which the restaurant was not currently serving. Well folks, my husband’s wings are worthy of Farley’s meltdown. Tim’s wings are quite possibly the best wings ever. And his secret is… TIME! The longer you grill ’em, the better!


Tim starts with a light seasoning on the wings. He prefers to use what his dad always used- Lawry’s Season Salt. So the ingredients only call for two things: chicken wings and Lawry’s Season Salt. That’s the easy part. The hard part is being patient.IMG_2199

These are Tim’s Tips to making the best chicken wings:

  1. Don’t keep them in one place, flip and rotate them frequently.
  2. Season them often. It’s nearly impossible to over-season these bad boys.
  3. The crispier, the better. Grill about 45 minutes to an hour, depending.
  4. ENJOY!



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