Basic B Words!

“I gotta say that I have recently gotten hip to the lingo “basic B@$#!” Now you may find yourself being a “basic b#(%&$” if you’re “Someone who is unflinchingly upholding of the status quo and stereotypes of their gender without even realizing it. She engages in typical, unoriginal behaviors, modes of dress, speech, and likes. She is tragically/laughably unaware of her utter lack of specialness and intrigue.” (This was taken off of the Urban Dictionary website.)  How dare you unhip ladies for upholding the status quo of your gender without even realizing it. You, with your hair done normally- perhaps even quite attractively. I suppose you wear normal dresses, shirts and jeans- like a tool. You probably even wear pretty smelling perfume and sometimes you make cookies for the person you love………… Like a dork.

Listen to me younger members of my sad generation and you will be wiser and better off for the experience. Basic is basically everything you want. A great woman is someone who is basically themselves. They wear what they like. They understand simple beauty. They embrace their womanhood. They do not concern themselves in whether or not they engage in unoriginal activities. A woman. A real basic woman. A real basic woman that you love. She cannot engage in unoriginal behaviors, she couldn’t be dressed poorly, she is incapable of boring speech and likes, and she is never unaware of her specialness and her intrigue. By being her self, she is a diamond of incalculable worth; one who is never  able to not shine due to her inner luminance. One who makes you realize that clothes are simply an accessory to the true beauty. They are simply the wrapping and not the treasure. This basic woman will never feel that she is not special or intriguing because you will never let her feel that way, and it is only you that she shines for. The faster that you learn the lesson that what the media, and music, and social media are telling is simply propaganda and marketing aimed at creating consumers the better off your life will be. What you really want is not someone who in an attempt to be special becomes “basic,” but someone who is basically special. 🙂


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  1. Your writing is so witty! I love reading these! You should look into a writing career *serious face*…oh wait 😐 <–you can see these on here! 😋

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