1st Blog Entry! Don’t Blog Shame Me!


In a world full of blogs dedicated to fashionistas, foodies and being fabulous, we thought that perhaps there was room for us. We are not rich nor are we famous. We certainly are not fancy or sophisticated.  We are people who chew up Heath bars and spit them into ice cream to make homemade Blizzards. We are the people who grill in the front yard and never really know whose toothbrush is whose. We are married. We are best friends. We work together. We are the Moore’s You Know.

Reading this blog you will not see dinners overlooking the NYC skyline or hear about trips to the Swiss Alps. Fashion tips are more likely to include interesting factoids about Bag Balm or an in depth analysis about why I don’t like wearing jeans. (Spoiler alert its because they are uncomfortable!) This blog won’t tell you what handbags are “in” this spring.  You will not see awesome filtered photos of our morning lattes, with our fresh croissants and all natural locally made artisan preserves. We want to show a life that is not about image but about substance. A life that is about loving each other and respecting each other. Digging deep into the marrow of life and realizing that the experiences that are truly valuable are not shared with a Tweet. They are created with the person you love in the moments of hardship, silliness, sorrow and joy that life throws your way. So, join us as we enjoy Hobo Breakfasts, gardening, chores, saving for our future home, cooking, exercising,  celebrating National Maritime Day, Leap Day and all of the other crazy moments that a simple life has to offer if only you looked up and saw it.



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